How to Apply

BEFORE APPLYING: To be able to submit your online application, you will need to provide an active e-mail address. NOTE: The current system does not always work with email addresses. Please use an email address that DOES NOT end with to ensure delivery of your password.

Before accessing your online application form, make sure you have all the relevant information with you. We shall be collecting both biographical and demographic information, including: Name, Address, Telephone, Nationality, Educational Background.

Throughout your application process, you will be able to save, exit and re-enter your form at any time within the Closing Date of the specific Program Announcement you are applying for, using the log-in information (Password) received when you began the application process.

Please note that the supporting documents required for the application MUST be submitted at the time of the application submission. Incomplete applications will not be considered

GETTING STARTED: go the webpage and click on the provided link to access the list of available programs. Identify the program you are interested in by reviewing the related Program Announcement.

Once you have decided which program you wish to apply for, click on the START NEW button under APPLICATION. You will be prompted to type your e-mail address. Once you have entered your email address and agreed to the terms of service, click START, and a password will be sent to the same email. Please be sure to save your username (email) and password in a safe place, because the U.S. Embassy does NOT have the ability to save the randomly generated passwords provided to applicants. If you do not receive a password, please check your email junk/spam folder. Passwords will be active until the Closing Date of each Program Announcement and will expire as soon as the application is submitted.

Until you officially submit it, you may re-enter your open application form by clicking on the EDIT EXISTING button on the home page. You will be prompted to enter the Username and Password originally sent to your email address. Then click RE-ENTER to open the application.

SAVING YOUR APPLICATION: The information you insert can be saved by clicking on the SAVE button., The system will also automatically save the information you add each time you click on CHECK, LOGOUT, or SUBMIT.

(Note: you can only submit an application once, so please do not click SUBMIT until you are certain your application is complete)

CHECKING AND SUBMITTING YOUR APPLICATION: Once you have finalized your application form, made sure all information is correct and accurate, and that you have successfully uploaded all of the required documents, click the CHECK button to confirm that the application is complete. The form will be automatically checked for missing required fields.

Once your application has been successfully checked and all missing required fields have been filled, you will be able to submit your application electronically by clicking the SUBMIT button. An automatically generated email acknowledging receipt of your application will be sent to your email address for your records. You will NOT be able to make changes or edits to your application after it has been submitted.